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CLEVER is the world’s first full-service influencer marketing agency. We handle all aspects of influencer programs from start to finish using the most advanced tools in the industry.

We believe when we work authentically and transparently with influencers, we can create exceptional content to tell meaningful brand stories. 

Let’s tell yours.

I am A Brand or Agency.
I am an Influencer.
Influencer Image by @thebeautybeau for Trivento

Our Values


Empower Women

Empower Women

We are a women-powered business that stands in solidarity with women and co-conspirators of all genders who stand up for our freedom, safety, leadership and expression. We operate on the principles of anti-racism with the awareness that Black, Brown, and Indigenous women must be centered in this fight.


澳洲幸运10正规官网网址 Be Authentic

Be Authentic

We celebrate the fullness of our humanity — the highs, the lows. The joy and the pain. We believe that vulnerability + transparency = trust. We understand that the most powerful relationships are built on the foundation of being able to show up, just as you are.


Be Exceptional

Be Exceptional

Being exceptional means being willing to stand out from the rest. It means doing what you feel is right even when others doubt you. Being exceptional is doing things worth talking about. There is no perfect in exceptional — we reject perfectionism. There is only courage, imagination, and commitment.

ANTI-RACISM: Don't Just talk about it, be about it.

We are committed to making CLEVER an anti-racist organization. We will do our part to dismantle racism and systems of white supremacy, to create a race equity culture that extends from our employees to our work, our partnerships, and our industry. Consumers expect businesses to participate, vocally and with accountability, in this long overdue anti-racist movement. Therefore, the only way for our business to be successful is to prioritize achieving race equity.



Over the past 10+ years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best known and loved brands, including (but not limited to!) those featured below:


We've worked on thousands of programs with hundreds of clients, but the best way to showcase our work is to give you a glimpse into our current campaigns – images below are curated from our own Instagram page!

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Influencer Images by @kelseystacypearson for Say Your Peace, @hellolittlethree for First Alert, Issa Mom for Self-Love Revolution, Jillian Rose Reed for Dixie, Trials N Tresses for

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